oh Carly!

"It's my yearning to love a damaged person. I mean, we're all kind of damaged and it's normal to be damaged, but some people don't like to admit it. It's amazing how many people don't like to admit what's wrong with them. Whether it's depression or having had cancer... And when I met that man I thought, Here's somebody I could love... I just know that what was left of him, which was personality and character and the look in his eyes, meant more to me than any intact body part, and it reminds me of something that somebody used to say to me who was in love with me a long time ago; he said, 'I would love you if you were a stump.'"

Honestly, I know I can relate to that and what we want to hear (that someone else will love us if we are a stump Happy)... can you? And, I love me some Carly Simon!

~ Carly Simon in an interview with Out magazine, October 2008.


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