goodbye old friend.

Day 2 of the Life Changing Magic - I did a first pass through of my jewelry, and quickly (and surprisingly) was able to pick out things that no longer "sparked joy" for me and out they went. Couple more nooks and crannies and I'll be finished up with jewelry- I am very pleased with how much I am getting rid of! And more importantly, how appealing what I have remaining now feels.

I have been skipping around Kondo's order a tiny bit when things jump out at me, like my trusty old favorite gold Banana Republic sweater from fall 2001. They just don't make 'em like they used to- this thing was a workhorse! I got it in Austin, TX, and it seemed to shrink and grow right along with me, and somehow despite my contracting and expanding size, it always fit perfectly! Now finally, with holes in the armpits Laugh, it is sadly time to retire her. Thank you goldy, for the 14 good years you have served me so well- we have been together through a lot of important times. I have happy memories wearing you in TX, when I moved to NC, and at least 3 different jobs. I can only hope to find another even halfway like you one day. Happy (PS- Kondo does suggest thanking items for the role and purpose they have served in your life when you let something go).

RIP favorite gold sweater- some of the jewelry I parted with,
and my reorganized and paired down displays below!