life changing magic.

So I am working through the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book by Marie Kondo slowly- if you don't know this book, you definitely have been under a rock because I am under a rock and I have heard about this book a ton Happy. There's so much out there already about this, so I am not going to go into the details of her work and principles. Basically you gather all like items together in one place, hold each item (starting with clothes), and ask "Does this spark joy?". I've been on my purging/tidying journey for years now, going at a turtle's place, but making progress, and I know how good it feels. I also know I still have more to do.

First she has you set your intentions, thinking about what it will be like to live in a clutter free space, and to journal about it. Then, to examine WHY you want those things. It is very powerful actually, and essentially boils down to the desire to be happy, in all its forms.

With these clear intentions in mind, I lit a candle, said a little prayer, and started with off-season clothes last night, which was good timing bringing in fall/winter items from my other closet. I was surprised that even though I was able to let go of a number of things, I rediscovered how much I love hoodies! They had been crammed behind my door in a corner, where I couldn't see them. Bringing them out, holding them, and folding them in a prominent place made a big difference! I am keeping an open mind during this process, and this was just a fun realization I didn't expect.

I've always loved hoodies, they make me smile, remind me of my 90s grunge skater music scene roots, feel core to who I am, and given the size of my collection (at least 14, and I got rid of 2 Laugh) that should be obvious, but it wasn't until doing this. I kept the most of these of any category I worked through by far, almost all of them, which is where the surprise came in. They are a source of comfort and relaxation (and mostly blue and green, clear colors of calm for me- my bedroom is these colors), which leads to me feeling fun and like myself, they can be customized with patches, they are super flattering for my body type, open V at the neck, with generous covering at the waist, like a jacket, so no wonder I love them. Feels amazing that I never clearly identified this before, and I'm already grateful for this process and what it will continue to uncover.

The 20 year old (OMG) XL U of R Tennis sweatshirt I can't part with- that can be my 1 loungewear item Happy, the amazing heart on sleeve shirt I DID part with because it was stained, but cut out the wording for the scrapbook pile (brilliant), the off-season pile I'm working through- you never realize how much you have until it is heaped all in one place!!, and my hoodies that I'm keeping,
very happy in their new prominent location.