back to school.

Came across this gem, and in honor of back to school, I post it with great nostalgia of this time... Picture it, Sicily, 1914... wait. Upstate NY, the country, first day of 6th grade. I had gone to New York City over the summer and HAD TO HAVE the latest fashion ensemble, which was this tubular situation you see below.... each piece was sold separately, even the hair bow, and I know it was not cheap, all told. Leggings, shirt dress, waist tube, neck tube, hair tube. Added my own orange nylon knee highs and black slip on dance shoes Laugh Topped it off with a fresh perm and curled bangs. I swore to my Mom I would wear it, of course.

My friend Molly went with the preppy look, peg legged rolled Guess? jeans, huge rugby shirt and loafers. And, oh yes, scrunchy white socks.

I took the road less traveled by alright... and wore this outfit exactly once. Happy I'm happy it gets to live again in retrospect!

photo 3-2