I have never worn shorts, even as a kid. They are just not my thing. When I lived in 110 degree plus Arizona in the middle of the summer, I wore my Levi's jeans and a tee shirt. ! I remember being so confused about all these half naked women running around on campus, with tiny short shorts with U of A or Wildcats on their butts... I came from the northeastern land of huge heavy knit sweaters, corduroys, socks, Birkenstocks, and clogs.

Some of it though, I realize, was due to not being especially fond of my legs. I have always had "thunder thighs", even as a small child. When I was very slender throughout my youth, my thighs were still there... and I remembered my goal of wanting to gain weight and "get a tan" so my legs weren't so white. The recent body positivity movement has influenced me for sure as I have seen curvy women of all sizes rocking their shorts, and I know something was blocking me from wearing shorts besides just not caring for them, in that I didn't feel I was built for them and was just embarrassed in a way to wear them.

It is true that my body is very well suited to skirts of all kinds and that shorts are harder for me. But all of a sudden, I was ready for shorts and I wanted to go out and get some. This is one of the pairs I got below that I have been slowly starting to wear around... a big step, and I feel great in them! My legs are far from perfect, but they get me around and are strong and stable. I am really happy that I am trying on another option and not limiting myself!

Someone sent me this one the other day and I always liked it when I saw it around- what is this business about Mother Teresa not being good after all?! Sad Regardless, the sentiment is there of focusing on the good work of life and not little body idiosyncrasies.