Dang I am behind on posting! I have been posting to my Facebook page: but I really need to catch up here. So with that in mind here are my latest winter-spring wears! During my monthlong travels in January and February I picked up a couple new outfits in Boston- it was so fun to shop with my dear old friend Trianis from college, and we happened upon a wicked Anthro sale that we couldn't pass up! Also... I cut my hair even shorter! Laugh In the spirit of lightening the load overall the hair had to go too. Shortest it's even been and I'm honestly loving it!




out with the old!

So I chopped off my hair... I woke up one morning and it was just time! Funny enough I did it 5 years ago, and then 5 years ago before that, so maybe I have a 5 year itch Laugh It has taken some getting used to and is more maintenance than my long hair funny enough, which I could go a week without washing or doing much with, but I'm really enjoying having something different and lightening the load! What I wore the past two weeks:

phosssssto 1
My incredibly talented friend and stylist Allison with the ponytail-
still looking into the best place to donate it!
I had a green shoe theme going this week Happy
phohhhhto 2

au natural.

Doing a little experiment this week. I have tinted my eyelashes and eyebrows with henna dye for 15 + years now for two reasons:

1) Because I was told I had really long lashes but no one could see them
2) Because when I'm bare faced liked this, I get lots of "you look tired" comments, from coworkers, friends, family etc.

Fair haired models can pull it off in close up photos, but it seems much harder in real life to look striking and not "tired" with light features. Going to give it a try this week and see how it goes!

photo 4-5