live for yourselves.

Another old find (love this notepad's message too, something I struggle with constantly, sleep, which will be another post soon!) and great quote from Emerson. I find this to be true, that it is easy and natural for me to extend my energy outward, and as a giver, I always want to be right there helping others. It takes strength to pull myself back in and say no, just for now, so that I can say yes to myself, because my life needs me. When I do it, it feels good and right. And actually, it is how I will be able to help the most people anyway, focused on what I need to do to bring forth my best work and self. So even though my preference is to live for others, I really enjoy going inward and living for myself, and hope to work on this more.



Cathy cartoon.

My Mom and I used to love the cartoon Cathy, and she sent me this one from a daily calendar she had, probably at least 15 years ago given the text... man do these always resonate with me! But literally, this one is Me- I still do this when I travel, even if its an hour road trip, bringing a backpack full of projects that I do not touch! The organizing struggle is real. Happy



be proud now!

Thanks to Kara for sharing this one with me... progress not perfection! Happy Happy Sunday y'all! #growoutloud #championyourself

Cred to the brilliant Karen Salmansohn


Happy Birthday Grammy ❤

Today would be my Grammy's 94th birthday. This is the first year all of her family and loved ones will not be sending her a card- and that is a lot of people, because she was the card queen! She probably got over 50 cards for any given holiday.

She LOVED celebrating birthdays, including her own. She loved gifts, celebrations, flowers, food, sweets, all of it, but most of all she loved the special time gathering with family. These are some of my all time favorite pictures of her on her birthday, taken by my talented friend
John Carey, who Grammy adored- the cake read Happy 39th because that was the age she stopped getting older Laugh. She always teared up, and was so full of joy- she is the cutest thing I've ever seen. We will be toasting to you today Grammy, I hope you are having the best party ever up there with all your long lost loved ones. We miss you. I couldn't be more happy that you were born on this day- thank you for changing my life for the better.



we'd never find this moment again...

A classic find going through papers this weekend from my Austin days, a clipping from the weekly paper... a rare, touching one from Sir Groening (message from his Dad Homer...)