Dang I am behind on posting! I have been posting to my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/whyilikerainbows but I really need to catch up here. So with that in mind here are my latest winter-spring wears! During my monthlong travels in January and February I picked up a couple new outfits in Boston- it was so fun to shop with my dear old friend Trianis from college, and we happened upon a wicked Anthro sale that we couldn't pass up! Also... I cut my hair even shorter! Laugh In the spirit of lightening the load overall the hair had to go too. Shortest it's even been and I'm honestly loving it!




fall fashion.

Falling into fall fashion... and massive closet cleaning! The positive effects of working through the Life Changing Magic book are coming to fruition, having reduced my closet by 30-35% (wheew!), making room for the things I really love to jump out at me. It truly is a joy!

Top left 2 photos are dress clothing swap scores (2 dresses, burgundy belt and pink heels- ow though, heels getting re-donated Happy) which was an incredibly fun event I was pushing to get the closet sort done by, and the beginnings of sweater weather... I also scored this amazing jean jacket in the trading process, something I've needed since letting go of my J. Crew one from high school a while back!