apple shirt.

My Momma and I: twinsies!
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Love it with my stretchy navy capris and blue suede shoes!
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Birk chic!

I played tennis after many years of not playing, and needless to say I overdid it, fell on the clay (played for 4 hours!!), then fell again the next day in my platform sandals walking on the sidewalk in my neighborhood and messed up my ankle. Major bummer, because I am so psyched about playing tennis again!

You realize very quickly when you sprain your ankle that you own absolutely no practical, comfortable shoes except sneakers... and I have a big trip coming up and need something walkable. So, I have jumped on the Birk trend! This is my very first pair of Birks, if you can believe it! (I had a fake pair in college but that doesn't count). I have been wearing these every single day, with my sexy compression stocking... :O I got the cutest, most versatile pair I could find and I am very pleased.

They also happen to be very in vogue right now with all the fashionistas...

I'm sure I will get another bright colored pair sometime to add to the comfort collection!

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Had a great birthday, wearing my new Free People vegan pleather mini skirt, sparkly crop top from thrift store, tights, my beautiful bordeaux Frye boots, copper circle necklace, and a white tee at one point in the day too Happy

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color girl.

In the spirit of expanding on the rainbow theme, another reason I love it so is because I love color.

Over the past few years my appreciation of color, style and aesthetics, and sharing this with the world through what I wear has blossomed, and it has become something easy and enjoyable for me to do. I am a novice now, but I'm sure I'll get more polished - in the meantime, it's just fun! A few recent fall outfits:


housewarming party.

I had a housewarming party this month to commemorate all the hard work I've been doing in my house... the theme colors were red, orange, and yellow.

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I wore a tried and true old standby outfit, something that feels comfortable and completely Valeriffic: J.Crew yellow skirt I got for $6 at a thrift store, that I have worn for past 10 summers, and Abercrombie tank top, which I have also had for at least 10 years, another great thrift find! Topped it off with a bright handmade enamel orange and yellow ring from one of my trips to Colorado.

Had fun with the primary color theme!!

Group sing a long with my buddy Terri